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Baby Formula

Many mothers struggle with producing breast milk for their infants. Others prefer to use formula. Whichever the case is, if you or someone you know is looking at using formula for their newborn, we are offering a 4 month long study for a new infant formula.

To qualify your child must be:

• Between 0-14 days old

• Exclusively formula-fed

• Full-term (Born between 37 weeks- 42 weeks gestationally)

• Healthy*

• Weigh within the 10th-90th percentile

• Have no known or suspected allergies to cow’s milk, fish protein, or soy

• Not requiring a special diet

• Not be born from mothers with significant medical conditions during pregnancy**

*Medical Records will be required for determination

**Per investigator’s clinical judgement

Eligible candidates can receive up to $350 for time and travel.