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Working Towards Quality Medical Care for the Future

Gout Clinical Trial

Gout is a common form of arthritis that causes sudden attacks of pain, swelling, redness and
tenderness in joints, often at the base of the big toe. Gout symptoms can be managed, but flare
ups may occur.

This trial will require 4 visits to our clinic over a 7-day period. Participants will receive a test
lotion that may decrease gout pain.
To qualify for the trial you must:
● Be 19 years or older
● Have a history of gout and experienced 2-3 flares in the last 12 months
● Not be a woman able to bear children
● Other criteria may apply*

*Eligibility for studies may require specific demographics such as age and/or symptoms.
Eligible candidates will be compensated for time and travel.
To learn more about this trial and to find out if you qualify, please call 402.934.0044 or complete the form on our contact page.