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Working Towards Quality Medical Care for the Future

Jennifer Larsen

Internal Medicine

Jennifer Larsen

Jennifer Larsen has over 25 years in the Clinical Research Industry. Ms. Larsen enlisted in the United States Naval Reserve in 1989. There she was trained as a Hospital Corpsman while attending a civilian school to become a Radiologic Technologist. In 1995, she obtained experience in the field of Bone Densitometry. In 1997, she joined Creighton University Osteoporosis Research Center as their Bone Density Technologist. From there, her role transformed from the Lead Bone Density Technologist to Clinic Supervisor, to Clinical Research Coordinator. Through her time at Creighton, she has worked on both privately funded grants as well as industry research. In 2017, Ms. Larsen graduated from Creighton University with a Bachelor of Science degree. Her majors are in Healthcare Administration and Policy, as well as Leadership, with a minor in Business Administration. In 2018, she began contract work with Medpace Core Laboratories as a Bone Density Analyst on various industry clinical trials. In 2020, she joined Quality Clinical Research, Inc (QCR) as their Clinical Site Director. At QCR, Ms. Larsen manages and trains the clinical research staff. Her mission is to create knowledgeably and experienced Clinical Research Coordinators while providing sponsors with quality and timely data.